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Vision and Mission Statements
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CIS Admissions is OPEN! Admission is now open for Years 1-6.

Vision and Mission Statements


These statements were produced in collaboration with parents and Key Stage 2 students. Their expectations form part of how we make our Vision and Mission a reality for all our students.

Vision Statement:  

To provide a happy, safe caring and stimulating learning environment where learners recognize and achieve their fullest potential, so that they can make a significant contribution to society.

Mission Statement:

What our parents expect from us

  • Equip children with age appropriate adequate knowledge, life based basic skills and attitudes and enable them to act as citizens
  • For my children to go to a school where they learn to respect others. I also want to be in a school where communication between the school and the home is happening on a daily basis if needed
  • To use my child’s potential in the right way and to know her weaknesses and then try to work together to overcome the difficulties they are facing in learning
  • Expect my child to be happy in school
  • Expect my child to develop friendships and feel comfortable in a safe and friendly environment
  • I want my child to enjoy learning and to keep developing and progressing in all areas of their learning
  • I expect good teachers that promote the joy of learning and can keep children motivated in their learning
  • I expect patient, caring and experienced teachers

What our students expect from us

  • To be taught skills needed for life
  • To be taught in a safe environment
  • To be happy and have fun
  • Kind teachers
  • Provide more ICT
  • Provide a place to pray
  • To be high powered learners

We aim to help children become:

1. able and confident communicators and learners inspired by their own curiosity.
2. motivated, responsible community members and active citizens of the world.
3. adaptable individuals who are able to use and apply their skills and knowledge.

We aim to:

4. encourage, nurture and develop the full potential of all students.
5. provide a safe, secure, supportive and caring school.
6. develop an understanding of the value of learning for life.

We aim:

7. for students to become socially and emotionally well-adjusted and effective members of the community.
8. to actively promote student physical, intellectual and creative development.
9. for the whole school community to be committed to respect, high expectations and a positive attitude in all aspects of school life.

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