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CIS Admissions is OPEN! Admission is now open for Years 1-6.

Principal's Message

Principal’s Message

On behalf of the staff, students and parents I welcome you to Cardiff International School and Kindergarten.

Qatar is witnessing a dramatic increase in new schools in an attempt to meet the growing demand for school places. As a relatively new school, Cardiff International School opened its’ doors to the public in September 2013 and continues to plan for growing numbers year on year.

As a British Curriculum School, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum integrating the high standards exemplified in the British Curriculum, but which also reflects the diverse and cultural nature of our international student body. As a non-selective school, we welcome students with a wide variety of learning needs and aim always to demonstrate valued added progress to our parents.

As with any new school, we understand that other schools in Doha have a longer history and greater experience to celebrate. At Cardiff International School, our vision for our future is clear to deliver the best learning experience for our students as possible while setting ourselves the highest possible standards, which in time will align ourselves with other existing British Curriculum Schools in the city.

Partnership with our parents is extremely important to us. As a new school, we have been given the greatest opportunity to collaborate with parents on the important issues that face schools today. We believe that we must work closely with our parents not only to support our growing school community, but to strengthen and guide our students through their learning journey.

As a Principal, my one and overriding task is to ensure that my staff, students and parents are as happy as they can be in their daily encounters with the school. With that in place, we can respond effectively and positively with the demands of trying to establish a productive life changing learning experience which is at the heart of being at school.

Regards and best wishes,


Elizabeth Milchem


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